Wolf CDI Unit KTM 125-380

Wolf CDI Unit KTM 125-380

Wolf CDI Unit KTM 125-380


Product Details

Wolf CDI Unit

- All Wolf CDIs give you, the customer, instant plug-in performance gains and delivers maximum spark energy.
- Made from the latest state of the art components, combined with endless hours of testing, your motorcycle will start easier, run more efficiently and out perform your competitors.
- Each Wolf CDI comes with OEM connectors and wiring, so replacement of your standard CDI is quick and easy.
- Your new CDI has the option of carrying up to (4) four different curves within the unit. and can easily be reprogrammed 'live' via either a Handheld Programmer that is available or through our PC software kit. All this to help you fine tune your CDI to suit any engine or riding condition changes.
- All Wolf CDIs are shipped to you with (2) two curves already installed, so you will benefit instantly from countless hours of testing and development our top professionals have performed.
- Full 3D ignition mapping guarantees maximum engine performance at every engine RPM and throttle position for bikes with T.P.S. carburettors installed.
- Whether you are riding Motocross, Supercross, Enduro, Speedway, in Wet or Dry Conditions, the applications are limited only by you.

Main Features
- Professionally Dyno Tuned and Pro Rider Tested
- True 3D Ignition Curves
- Maximum Spark Energy
- Adjustable Power Jet Operation
- Adjustable Rev Limiting
- Selectable 2D and 3D maps via handlebar switch
- Full Factory Backup Packages are available to assist you